1. Who can qualify for this offer?

This offer is available to customers who purchase selected Leisure range cookers from selected retailers, between 6th October 2021 and 11th January 2022.

2. Are ALL Leisure Cookers included in the Circulon e-Gift Card offer?

The Circulon e-Gift Card is only available on the 90cm, 100cm and 110cm Range Cookers listed as qualifying products. This specifically excludes ALL 60cm Leisure Cookers.

3. How many times can i participate in this promotion?

There is a maximum of one claim per qualifying product purchased per person / household permitted during the promotional period.

4. When can i submit my claim?
You will need to submit you claim at no sooner than 30 days, but no more than 60 days after you purchase your new Leisure Range Cooker. (The day after purchase counts as DAY 1).

5. What is a valid proof of purchase?

Your Sales Receipt and serial number is perfect. The sales receipt must detail the model code, date purchased, name/logo of retailer and transaction value.

6. Where is the serial number located?

The Cooker’s serial number is located on the white label inside the main oven door (bottom left door), on the bottom left of the frame and is clearly titled ‘Serial Number’ (s/n).

7. How do I supply proof of purchase when applying online?

You can scan your proof of purchase / receipt and serial number or take a picture of them using your mobile, camera or tablet and save the files as PDFs or JPEGs, ready to upload ensuring that all details are clearly legible. Blurred or unclear proof of purchase may invalidate your claim.

Maximum size of each document is 2MB. At the appropriate point of completing your claim, you will then be prompted to attach these documents which can be downloaded simply by selecting ‘Choose File’. You then locate the file you want to upload and click ‘Open’. The name of the document selected will be displayed on the web page where you can check this is the correct document before selecting ‘Upload’. If you need to add more documents, you repeat this process.

The documents will be listed as you add them. If the wrong document is selected, you can simply remove them by using the delete button (indicated by the ‘bin’ icon). Once all documents are loaded and the rest of the form is completed, you select ‘Submit’.

8. Can I apply by post?

No, only online submissions will be accepted

9. What happens if I can’t provide the serial number when I register my claim?

If you have not taken delivery of your new Leisure Cooker select the option that you do not have, or know, the serial number within the claim form. You will then be asked to input an expected delivery / installation date and we will email you after that date to remind you to supply it, so your claim can be validated. You will have 2 weeks from receipt of your prompt/reminder email to supply your serial number.

10. What happens once my claim been submitted?

Your claim will be reviewed by one of MLP’s agents and an email will be sent confirming the status of your claim within 8 working days of the claim being received. At this point you will be given a Unique Claim Reference which can be used in ALL future correspondence relating to your claim. You can also use the Claim Tracker function on Please note that your Unique Claim Reference will be needed to access the Claim Tracker functionality.

11. Who are MLP?

MLP are a third-party agency who are administering this offer on behalf of Beko plc.

12. What if there’s a problem with my claim?

You will be notified by an email which will detail what needs to be supplied to allow MLP to validate the claim and fulfil the gift.

13. What happens if i hear nothing after submitting my claim?

You need to check your email account including your junk or spam email to ensure you’ve not missed an email. You can then contact the claims team via the contact us form found or call the helpline on 01565 656 611. Lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm. Excluding Public and Bank Holidays.

14.How long will it take before I receive my Gift?

Once the claim has been validated and applied an accepted status it can take up to 28 days for the you to receive your gift.

15. I have a gift related question, what should I do?

If you are having difficulties with redemption or want to check the balance on your eGift Card, please contact the meyeruk Customer Service Department using the form in the following link: Under ‘enquiry type’, select ‘Gift Cards’ from the dropdown menu, and enter your details including unique Gift Card code.

16. If I have any questions that were not answered here, who can answer them?
Please fill out our ‘contact us’ form by clicking here